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If you're way over you head in debt and cannot manage your debt service, it's important to understand the various debt solutions that are availalbe to you now! The fact is, for most consumers, there are very few options. Unless you are able to obtain financial help from friends or family, or ideally increase your income sufficiently, there are essentially only 5 realistic options to get out of debt.

The 1st option involves understanding money management and debt combined with self-descipline. Depending on your situation you may be able to resolve your debt problem simply by learning to better manage your money which typically means budgeting appropriately.

If you are deep in debt, however, it may require professional help. This leads to options 2, 3, and 4. A Consumer Credit Counseling Service is a great resource for many consumers faced with debt. If qualified, they will enroll you into their Debt Management Program. If you are not qualified, it means that you should be able to resolve your financial hardship using option 1 noted above, or you may be a prime candidate for option 5 —the last resort— Bankruptcy!

If you are a candidate for bankruptcy, it's important to understand that under the new bankruptcy laws you must first go through a Consumer Credit Counseling Service to obtain a certificate and to get financial education. So, regardless whether a Debt Management Program or Bankruptcy is right for you, seeking debt relief from a Consumer Credit Counseling Service is the right place to be.

Don't wait. Call toll-free 1800DEBT.COM (that's 1800-332-8266) for a FREE debt consultation and, if appropriate, they can place you in a non-profit Consumer Credit Counseling Service. This services also offers other FREE services including budgeting, financial information and a host of educational resources to help you to get out of debt.

If you happen to have equity in a home or some other asset, you may also want to consider option 3, a Debt Consolidation Loan. By using this method to get out of debt you may avoid any potential negative information listed on your consumer credit report. To apply or learn more about Debt Consolidation Loans simply complete the form in the right sidebar and a certified debt professional will promptly call you to discuss your particular financial situation.

Option 4 is primarily for consumers or businesses that are very deep in debt and wish to avoid filing bankruptcy at all cost. Here we are speaking about resolving debt through Debt Settlements. More and more debtors are using this method today and typically finding it to be successful. However, it is very important to go about it correctly and using a professional service is recommended. Again, we suggest that call 1800DEBT.COM and obtain a FREE debt consultation to see if a debt settlement is right for you. This agency works with all aspects of debt and is able to find the right debt solution for your needs and can place you with the appropriate agency.

Notice: By calling 1800DEBT.COM (that's 1800-332-8266) you will reach a special debt relief call center that will automatically connect you to a certified debt professional that services your area based on the area code that you are calling from. We highly suggest that you call this toll-free number in conducting your research for debt relief and to determine if filing for bankruptcy is the right decision for your particular situation. If you prefer, click here to make your request online for a free consultation and for other options.

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